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Sep 6, 2011 5:30pm EDT
such owner in indiana is trying to unload three buildings because the property taxes have gotten to be too much. >>> couple that with the economy that has turned down. the real estate market has taken a big hit. >>> now this particular owner is trying to do something different. he's posted all of the properties on ebay. >>> homeowners also feeling the effects of the economy. americans no longer see homeownership as an investment but instead as a place to live. a lot of people are under water on their mortgages. >>> well, police investigating the murder of a known criminal in the streets of annapolis, who police have arrested and why. it starts right now. >>> when is somebody going to turn off the faucet. >>> the first homicide of the year has happened in annapolis. we'll take you there. the victim was wanted on several warrants. >> these are the ladies and gentlemen at the proving ground. they find bin laden, fighting terrorist rest. >> the base realignment or brac is almost complete. >>> we want to start with the severe weather. our curves are all overflowing. this is the scene on norther
Sep 26, 2011 5:30pm EDT
indiana five people were found dead. police are still investigating and haven't said whether or not they're looking for a shooter or whether the shooter is among the dead. >>> there's a lot or questions we have than answers right now. i think that's obvious. there's a lot of if's and's and but the's. >> neighbors say they are concerned about their save the. investigators plan to release more information as soon as the autopsies are completed. >>> all right. nice shot of the inner harbor there. we got a little bit of sun coming out late, late in the day. for the most part we're still overcast with a few sunny breaks here and there. 78 right now. humidity 74%. statewide it was tough to buy much sunshine. there were a few breaks of sun. just a little bit of late sunshine coming through. we'll take it, take any sun we can find. rockville, similar scenario. cloudy with late clearing. same deal down in washington. mostly evercast day bush, again, a little bit of late sunshine. maryland's most powerful radar staying clear. i think it will remain clear tonight, tomorrow, early on. we'll bring in
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2